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The Scandivian Tradition

Scandinavia is a region of a thousand lakes, a thousand kilometres of coast line and a thousand beautiful islands. The Scandinavians love boats, about 30 % of the population travels by sea at least once a season. Boats are used not only for recreation and fishing but also as a means of transport to the Islands, that are often holiday homes and even main residences.



The aesthetic performance, the excellent buoyancy parameters but most of all the use safety of Corsiva Yachting boats is an effect of the long time work of our experts. For the production of our boats and the elements of equipments are used only materials of the high quality, documented with certificates and declarations of conformity. Each new model of boat is tested in speed, stability and other parameters before the market introduction. Each boat is subject to a detailed quality control.



Our shipyard was established in 2001. Today with four different boat lines and more than 100 employees, Corsiva is a part of the international market.