Coaster 515 Bow Rider

Introducing the Coaster 515 Bow Rider, a high-quality GRP boat expertly crafted in Poland. Weighing in at just 600 kilograms, it's a lightweight marvel designed for ease of handling and transport.

Measuring 5.1 meters in length and boasting a generous width of 1.95 meters, the Coaster 515 provides ample space for leisurely cruises. Standing at a height of 1.65 meters, it exudes a sleek and elegant profile, ensuring a smooth and graceful ride on the water.
With a draught of a mere 0.35 meters, this boat allows for navigation in shallower waters, offering endless opportunities for exploration. Powered by a maximum 80 horsepower petrol engine, it promises an exciting experience for up to five passengers.

Certified under the C Design category, the Coaster 515 adheres to rigorous safety standards, providing assurance for all aboard. The 25-liter fuel tank ensures extended journeys without the need for frequent refuelling stops. This boat is a testament to Polish craftsmanship and a tribute to the joys of maritime adventure, suitable for enthusiasts worldwide.