Coaster 515 Sport Console

Introducing the Coaster 515 Sport Console, a GRP boat crafted by a seasoned shipyard in Poland. This vessel, weighing a mere 600 kilograms, is a true marvel in terms of both performance and convenience, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of enthusiasts including families, friends, and dedicated anglers.
At 5.1 meters in length and with a generous width of 1.95 meters, the Coaster 515 Sport Console offers a spacious and comfortable environment for up to five individuals. With a windshield height of 1.7 meters, it provides space and a commanding view of the surroundings, ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience for all on board.
With a draught of just 0.35 meters, this boat is exceptionally versatile, capable of navigating in shallow waters as well as great for those seeking waterspots or angling adventures. Its powerful 80 horsepower petrol engine provides a thrilling ride, whether you're out for a day of family fun, a social gathering with friends, or a serious angling expedition.
Certified under the C Design category, the Coaster 515 Sport Console acomplishes all strict safety standards, offering peace of mind for everyone on board. The 25-liter fuel tank allows for extended outings, reducing the need for frequent refuelling stops and ensuring more time spent enjoying the water.
Whether you're seeking family adventures, social gatherings with friends, or serious angling pursuits, this boat is sure to exceed your expectations.